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The camunda Hypothesis

As a reaction to Scott Francis recommendable blog post “The Zero Code Hypothesis“, I published my own two cents about that topic.

Heads up: With our new camunda BPM Team Blog, we will publish a good part of our upcoming blog posts only there, without always mentioning that here at If you want to stay tuned, you should subscribe for the camunda BPM Blog RSS Feed, or add camunda BPM to one of your circles at Google+ . If you still want to be notified via email when a new blog post has been published, please let us know. If …

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camunda verlost JAX Ticket

Nach der bpmNEXT in Kalifornien ist die JAX Ende April die nächste große Konferenz auf der wir camunda BPM präsentieren werden. Für diese Konferenz wollen wir noch eine Karte verlosen – der Gewinner kann in unseren Vortrag, am Stand oder am BPM Day vorbei kommen 🙂 Es geht hierbei um einen vollständigen Konferenzpass (Ergänzung um keine Missverständnisse hervorzurufen: = 3-Tage) von damit fast unschätzbarem Wert!

Zur Teilnahme einfach bei das Numberguessing Game auf der Startseite gewinnen und den Tweet am Ende um ein “#jax” ergänzt abschicken. Alle so präparierten Tweets werden wir am Dienstag den 26.03. um 12:00 sammeln …

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camunda forks Activiti and launches camunda BPM

I am proud to announce that today camunda launches a new open source BPM project: camunda BPM. At this juncture we part ways with the Activiti project which we have contributed to since the first days.

Leaving Activiti is a sad but necessary step for us. Starting as a consulting company, we have built a customer base of 250+ in little over 4 years. Last year, we entered the BPM vendor business with the camunda fox BPM platform. Our success and the positive feedback we got from customers made us realize that we have to go all-in. Today, we drop the …

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BPM Day auf der JAX in Mainz am 25.04.2013

Auch dieses Jahr organisiere ich wieder den BPM Day auf der JAX in Mainz. Es wird wie immer spannend. Und um es auch gleich zu sagen: camunda ist auch wieder mit einem Stand vertreten – also gerne vorbei kommen – dann könnt ihr auch Feedback zum Programm loswerden. Ansonsten sind Daniel, Jakob und meine Wenigkeit als Sprecher zugegen. Die Abstracts zum BPM Day gibt es online:

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Video of the BPM cookshow online

Process to implement

End of january there was the so called “BPM cookshow” at the OOP conference in Munic (Germany). The idea was simple but really good: The same process had to be implemented live from three well known BPMS vendors (SAP, Oracle and camunda fox :-)). No prepared components were allowed and the audience could watch all three candidates simultaneously on three beamers. The process orchestrated an existing REST/JSON and SOAP/WebService (from the internet) and we had to handle an asynchronous callback with correlation. Today I post the video from the cookshow (German) as well as an screencast …

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Exemplary questions for OCEB exams

Since 2011 we offer our training for becoming a BPM expert certified by OMG (OCEB). You can attend the course in Berlin and take the exam right away.

Our trainees often ask us for exemplary questions, but we are – of course – not allowed to share the real exam questions with them, left alone to publish them anywhere. That’s why my colleague Matthias has developed some nice exemplary questions that are similar to the ones asked in the exam, so you can get an idea what lies ahead. Right now we already have exemplary questions for OCEB Fundamental and …

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Vortragsaufzeichnung: BPMN Best Practices

Das Video von meinem Talk auf der Jax 2012 ist jetzt endlich frei verfügbar. Ist zwar schon eine Weile her, aber ich hab noch mal reingeguckt, und der Content dürfte immer noch interessant sein für BPMN-Anwender. Es geht um ein paar Erfahrungen aus der BPMN-Praxis.

Hier ist er: JaxTV – BPMN: Best Practices und Roundtrip

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camunda fox 6.2 released

Last Friday we released camunda fox 6.2. This release centered around two main issues: a completely new version of our BPMN 2.0 roundtrip tool cycle and adding the IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0 and 8.5 to our supported environments. I think we perfectly follow the “Write once, run anywhere” idea of the overall Java platform as you can use various BPMN 2.0 modeling tools in your development approach together with camunda fox (see BPMN 2.0 works: Integrating 8 different BPMN modelers with camunda fox) and later on deploy the automated process on almost any Java environment …

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camunda @BPMNext 2013

Bruce Silver has created BPMNext, a conference dedicated to BPM enthusiasts from around the globe, who come together and share their visions about upcomding BPM technologies and trends.

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Migrating from jBPM to Activiti


Please note that this blog post is outdated, since we forked Activiti in March 2013 and started a new Open Source BPM project called camunda BPM ( You will find this topic and loads of more best practices, blueprints etc. there, so you should just have a look 🙂

If you know JBoss jBPM 3 or 4 and have a look at Activiti you may discover that its Java API and process engine features are quite familiar to you. This is due to the fact, that Activiti is the technical successor of the jBPM 3 and 4 development line. It has …

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