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New Whitepaper: The Zero-Code BPM Myth

Yay! We had 400+ registrations for our webinar with Sandy Kemsley, covering the “Zero-Code BPM Myth” and comparing that to a developer-friendly BPM approach like camunda BPM delivers.

In case you missed it, there is a recording:

And there is also a whitepaper! Sandy wrote it and I think it is a very fine piece of work.

Get it here:

As Sandy stressed, there is no “one size fits all”, and of course, there is a use case for “Zero-Code BPM” approaches. In the end, we provide certain zero-code BPM features ourselves, e.g. for rapid prototyping.

But the point is: Way too many …

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Webinar: Developer-Friendly BPM

“Buy now! BPM without programming!”

This is how many BPM vendors lure their customers into the ‘zero-code BPM trap’. But as soon as you try to create a solution that goes beyond the vacation workflow from the vendor presentation, the suffering begins.

In this free live webinar, the independant BPM industry expert Sandy Kemsley challenges the ‘Zero-Code BPM Myth’ and how a ‘Developer-Friendly BPM’ approach may not be as tempting, but probably more appropriate for complex process applications.

Date: June 11, 2014
Time: 11am PST / 2pm EST / 8pm CET

Don’t worry if you can’t make it. Register now and get the recording afterwards!

Happy …

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camunda BPM Online Training available

Get a camunda BPM training when and where you want. The new self-paced online course is now available.

The course provides praticipants with a head-start needed for creating powerful process applications. It includes more than 6 hours of easy-to-follow training videos, hands-on exercises and lab tutorials as well as weekly 2-hour live sessions (Monday 8am PST / 11am EST / 5pm CET) with camunda BPM senior consultants, giving participants the opportunity to discuss any questions. All particpiants will be issued with a certificate after passing the final assessment.

A complete overview of the course content is available here:

The course has been …

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BPMCon 2014 – Agenda komplett

Was haben LVM Versicherung, DVAG, Provinzial NordWest und Wüstenrot gemeinsam? Sie sprechen am 19. September auf der schönsten BPM-Konferenz des Jahres!

Die diesjährige BPMCon findet in einem spektakulären Bauwerk am Berliner Spreeufer statt. Neben handfesten Berichten aus der Praxis entzaubert die kanadische BPM-Koryphäe Sandy Kemsley den “Mythos Zero Coding BPM”, der Geisterjäger Bernd Rücker bezwingt das Schreckgespenst Case Management, aus dem camunda-Labor kommen spannende Live Demos und alle erwartet ein reger Austausch mit anderen BPM-Enthusiasten, sei es im Birds-of-a-Feather-Workshop oder auf der abendlichen Grillparty auf der Spreeterrasse.

Jetzt anmelden:

So schön ist BPM nur in Berlin – wir sehen uns!

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Try out now: camunda BPM Enterprise

Our brand-new Enterprise Edition offers you an extended monitoring of your process instances: You can now find and inspect completed process instances as well as inspect the things that already happened to instances still running.

You can have a look at the visual audit trail in the BPMN diagram, inspect the lifecycle history of completed usertasks and examine how process variables may have changed during process execution.

See for yourself! The 30-days trial edition is free and available right now.

Get it here:

Happy Processing!

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Get a free camunda BPM video training

We will publish a new online-training for camunda BPM very soon. We’ve been asked for that again and again, which is why I am more than happy that it’s finally available.

There is a little sneak preview available already: You can enjoy the first module (basically a video tutorial) for free!

Get it here:

And have fun!

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BPMN-Guru gesucht

Du hast Spaß daran Best Practices aufzuschreiben, Methoden aus Projekteinsätzen zu destillieren, Folien für die Nachwelt zu hinterlassen oder Artikel und Aufsätze zu schreiben? Du verteidigst deine Ideen auch gerne in einem Haifischbecken anderer Berater? Du findest es spannend neue Trainingsmodule rund um BPM(N) umzusetzen oder moderne eLearning-Konzepte zu entwickeln? Du arbeitest aber natürlich trotzdem gerne als Consultant beim Kunden um zu wissen wovon du redest? Wenn du dann auch noch strukturiert und selbstständig arbeitest dann suchen wir genau dich 🙂

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BPMN Interchange Demo at OMG Technical Meeting and bpmNEXT

camunda goes San Fran as two of us will be at BPMNext 2014 in California next week.

bpmNEXT will showcase what’s next in the area of business process management from 25-27 March 2014.

Jakob already attended the event last year and was invited to give another talk at this year’s conference. He already mentioned this in his earlier blogpost.

He will be joined this year by Falko who has been very busy working together with the OMG over the last year. Their hard work will be showcased next Wednesday when they will present a live demonstration of a BPMN Model Interchange.

Here is what …

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Aus wird das camunda BPM network

On March 14 we merged the online community with more than 10,000 members into the new camunda BPM network.

I personally created the first version of this community in 2004, and together with Robert Emsbach grew the community in the German speaking area. I learned a lot about community building during that time, especially in the BPM world.

Now camunda takes over and will bring our network to the next level: Firstly, we want to grow our community outside the German speaking area as well, and secondly we want to explore new possibilities for discussing BPM online, that should go …

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camunda BPM 7.1 Live Webinar

On March 21 we will present to you the brand new version 7.1 of camunda BPM – the open source platform for process automation with Java and BPMN 2.0.

camunda BPM is spreading rapidly and already being used by well-known organizations such as Lufthansa Technik, Sony DADC and Zalando.

See for yourself what our heroic team has been working on for more than 6 months and get a live demo of our great new features for process execution, monitoring and prototyping.

Please choose one of our free 1 hour Live Webinars

See you there!

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