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Happy Birthday to the BPMN 2.0 Model Interchange Working Group


Today, two years ago, the BPMN Model Interchange Working Group (MIWG) of the OMG met for the very first time and I’ll take a look on what has been achieved so far. The mission of this working group led by Denis Gagne is to support, facilitate, and promote the interchange of BPMN Models among different tools. In order to do that, we created a test suite of currently eight BPMN 2.0 reference models that can be used to test the import and export capabilities of BPMN tools. So far test results of 23 tools have been submitted by vendors or …

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Camunda in the UK: Kick-off on March 20 in London

This year we will increase our presence in the UK. We think the market there has suffered from traditional BPM products long enough.

Our friends at 6point6 prove to be fantastic partners for this enterprise. You can meet them and us at our first

Camunda BPM Community Day in the UK
Date: Friday 20th March
Time: 9am to 11.30am (alternatively: lunch bag session 12pm – 1.30pm)
Place: Royal Institution, London
Admission: Free

Agenda and Registry

And even before that, we will be presenting at QCon (March 4-6) and I will be attending the Gartner BPM Summit (March 18-19).

So let me know in case you’d like to …

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The year we crossed the chasm – Camunda review 2014

If you’re interested in Camunda’s journey as a company, or in tech startup journeys in general, this post may be worth reading.

The beginning: Shift a paradigm, sidestep competition and find a blue ocean

In 2012, we created a software product called Camunda BPM. The core value proposition of Camunda implicates a paradigm shift in what Business Process Management technology should deliver:

Primary Target Group
Value Proposition

Most BPM-Suites
Companies that are trying to reduce their software development force
“Our product allows you to create process applications in a model-driven approach, so that you need fewer software developers.”

Companies that consider their software development force a strategic …

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CMMN – The BPMN for Case Management?

Scott Francis recently asked a legitimate question: Will BPM vendors adopt CMMN, or will they rather focus on topics like mobile/social/local/cloud? (Read the complete blog post here)

As the obviously biased CEO of one of the few vendors who implemented CMMN already, I am actually sceptical. My experience with BPMN during the last 8 years was, that most of the established BPM vendors balked at implementing it, argueing that they already had something “better” for the same use case. I suppose it’s the same with Case Management now, so I predict they will only make the effort of supporting it when …

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Thanks for an awesome BPMCon 2014

Awesome location, awesome talks and most of all: awesome attendees. This year’s BPMCon was indeed the “schönste BPM-Konferenz” I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much to all who made it happen, including Guido Fischermanns for the moderation, Sandy Kemsley for her Keynote about the Zero-Code BPM Myth, all those BPM practitioners who presented their lessons learned, and also to the Birds of a Feather – Presenters (running Camunda on Raspberry PI and inside the coolest thing in the internet of things).

My personal award for the very best picture goes to Sandy – she took a snapshot of her auditorium during …

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Neue Auflage: Praxishandbuch BPMN 2.0

Die neueste Auflage gibt es ab sofort im Handel – zum Beispiel bei Amazon. Leider gehen bei Amazon damit wie immer alle Bewertungen der vorherigen Auflage verloren, sprich wir fangen wieder bei Null an. Falls also jemand Zeit und Lust haben sollte, (erneut) seine Meinung über das Buch dort kund zu tun, wären wir mehr als dankbar 🙂

Was gibt es Neues in der neuen Auflage? Das Vorwort beantwortet diese Frage:

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Let’s go US

We are excited to announce the official incorporation of camunda Inc., registered in San Francisco, California.

Camunda Inc. will market our product camunda BPM in North Amercia. Besides FINRA and Sony, there are already several US based enterprise edition customers, and with BP3 and Trisotech, there are also strong partners available for consulting services around camunda.

Please find the full press release here:

Did I mention we are excited? 🙂

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Webinar: BPMN with camunda BPM

I will give a webinar on July 17 about the best practices around BPMN, especially in terms of business-IT-alignment.

Will this be a camunda BPM pitch as well? Of course 🙂 But hey, that’s how it goes:

1) Collect 4+ years of intensive consulting experience around BPMN, write a book etc. etc.
2) Discover that the existing BPMS products do not leverage the standards’ potentials
3) Create your own product
4) Brag about it

So if you don’t mind a camunda BPM based webinar about BPMN best practices, register now:

Still not convinced? Maybe if someone else would brag for us?

Our expectations that experts from the …

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New Whitepaper: The Zero-Code BPM Myth

Yay! We had 400+ registrations for our webinar with Sandy Kemsley, covering the “Zero-Code BPM Myth” and comparing that to a developer-friendly BPM approach like camunda BPM delivers.

In case you missed it, there is a recording:

And there is also a whitepaper! Sandy wrote it and I think it is a very fine piece of work.

Get it here:

As Sandy stressed, there is no “one size fits all”, and of course, there is a use case for “Zero-Code BPM” approaches. In the end, we provide certain zero-code BPM features ourselves, e.g. for rapid prototyping.

But the point is: Way too many …

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Webinar: Developer-Friendly BPM

“Buy now! BPM without programming!”

This is how many BPM vendors lure their customers into the ‘zero-code BPM trap’. But as soon as you try to create a solution that goes beyond the vacation workflow from the vendor presentation, the suffering begins.

In this free live webinar, the independant BPM industry expert Sandy Kemsley challenges the ‘Zero-Code BPM Myth’ and how a ‘Developer-Friendly BPM’ approach may not be as tempting, but probably more appropriate for complex process applications.

Date: June 11, 2014
Time: 11am PST / 2pm EST / 8pm CET

Don’t worry if you can’t make it. Register now and get the recording afterwards!

Happy …

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