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jbpm deployer for jbpm in enterprise environments

After writing the jBPM meets ESB article I want to write today a bit more in depth about that integration. In a current big project at a customer we are involved to set up the environment including JBoss ESB and JBoss jBPM. If you really want to use these technologies in bigger environments you sometimes feel like the first poor guy doing it 😉 So I want to share some of my problems and solutions with you here.

Today I write about classloading issues with jBPM in the context of versioning and scoped deployments.

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JBoss jBPM meets ESB

The combination of a process engine and an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is one interessting aspect of modern service oriented architectures (SOA). Therefor I wrote an article in the German Java Magazin about it. To have a practical showcase the integration is shown with a small example using JBoss jBPM, Mule ESB and the JBoss ESB. This Showcase I want to present in more depth here.

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Integration of Java Content Repository (JCR) into Java Enterprise Environments (Java EE)

For JCR there was a interessting master thesis, done by Hendrik Beck at camunda GmbH. As a result, the open source project was released. Read some background in this article.

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SSL mit EJB3 im JBoss 4.0.x

Möchte man einen Java Swing-Client elegant per Webstart an einen Application-Server anbinden wird häufig SSL-Verschlüsselung benötigt. Hier beschreibe ich das Vorgehen zur SSL-Absicherung von EJB3 SessionBeans im JBoss.

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JSF: Passing Parameters per HTTP GET within the URL

In JSF communication between browser and server is done by JSF with post-backs using HTTP POST. This means in all cases, that it is not possible to use parameters within the URL of a page (HTTP GET). However, for some reasons (often not technical ones) it might be desirable to use the URL (e.g. to allow visitors to bookmark a page). Within the community some discussion have been held. In this article I will introduce my solution that is working well as a pragmatical real-world solution.

Written by Hendrik Beck.

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Client-Jaas Anmeldung am JBoss

Sich programmatisch per JAAS beim JBoss anmelden ist gar nicht so einfach, daher habe ich hier kurz beschrieben, wie ich das realisiert habe.

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