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Camunda Roadshow – [x] done

roadshowThis and last week we did a roadshow through 7 German speaking cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munic, Zurich and Vienna). Even if we knew beforehand that there is a lot of interest in Camunda we were surprised by the big amount of people showing up at every single meeting. In total we had more that 550 people in 7 cities! It was an even mixture between business focused roles (like Business Analysts or Project Managers) and technical ones (like Developers). We got a lot of good feedback and so much concrete requests, so I think we will do a lot of workshops and proof of concepts in the next months :-). The main focus of the Camunda BPM 7.4 release as well as the roadshow was the new and Decision Model and Notation (DMN). One of the highlights of the roadshow was the DMN Online Simulator.

That was totally awesome – thanks everybody for coming and see you soon again!

P.S: You can find the slides here – but most of the event was actually done live in our tools. If you missed the demos don’t hesitate to contact us about questions on the product:

Roadshow 7.4 – Der neue Camunda Modeler from Camunda BPM

Roadshow 7.4 – DMN für Business Analysten from Camunda BPM

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