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Free DMN Online Simulator


We have created an online simulator that allows you to execute DMN decision tables with exemplary data. it is available here:

What can I do with it?

You can edit the decision table and add, remove or change the rules, as well as add, remove or change the inputs and outputs. You can also upload and execute your local DMN file.

The simulator should help you to

  • learn DMN in a try-and-error fashion
  • validate if your DMN table is sound
  • see what’s possible with DMN (in Camunda)

How does it technically work?

In the frontend, it combines dmn-js with a little bit of custom Javascript. In the backend, it runs the Camunda DMN engine in a standalone fashion. When you push “Simulate now”, the website sends the inputs as well as the DMN table (serialized in the XML format that is defined by OMG) to the backend as JSON, the backend executes and returns the outputs and the rules that applied. That’s it.

Awesome. What’s next?

The DMN simulator was hacked by Sebastian Stamm and me in a single slack day. If you have any feedback like bug reports, feature requests and so forth, please participate in this survey.

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