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Review: Camunda Community Day in London

Yesterday we had our first Camunda Community Day in the UK. Thanks to our friends at 6point6 who organized this, we could meet in the famous Royal Institution. This was definitely the most decent location we had for a communiy meeting so far!

It was a great half day of presentations, discussions and networking. Most of the attendees already knew existing BPM products, and when I described the Zero-Code BPM Myth they immediately knew what I was talking about. I also gave a little BPMN crash-course, and I did not use a single slide, but just live-modeled everything I explained in instead. That made a big impression on the attendees – though I believe they were more impressed by than by my own performance.

We also discussed case management, business rules and many more fascinating topics. And we all agreed that we need to do this again, but next time as an evening meetup in a pub. That’s also where the guys from 6point6 took me right after noon, and we stayed there until late in the evening. I won’t go into details here, but as a bottom line I am glad I could still catch my flight to New York this morning…

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