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Community-Driven Product Management

We are currently discussing if and how we should support the new Decision Model and Notation (DMN) Standard by OMG.

It’s basically about business rules, and of course our customers often ask us for business rules support. We typically recommend to combine Camunda with a rule engine such as JBoss Drools. That works very well, there are numerous examples, blueprints and tutorials available and also project experiences. However, actually in 95% of the real-world projects we have seen you don’t really need the features that Drools or the other leading rule engines provide. It’s mostly just about exposing business rules to the business in a maintainable way (like decision tables).

This and the fact that DMN brings some interesting new concepts to the table make us think about offering a business rule solution as part of Camunda BPM. Well, we would not be the first BPM vendor to follow that path, and of course there are also good reasons against it (stay focused etcetera).

Camunda is open source, so why not open source the product management as well (at least a bit)? Robert has just released a survey that allows everyone to give us their opinion about this matter and also influence what we will build – if we build it at all.

I am absolutely excited about this experiment, and I hope there will be plenty of feedback. If you have enough time to answer 10 questions, please go for it and shape the future of what I consider the most beautiful BPM technology on the planet 🙂

English Survey:

German Survey:

Camunda rules!

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