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BPMN Online Training coming up – get your free pass

I just looked it up: During the last seven years, we coached more than 500 individuals in BPMN classroom trainings, and delivered more than 300 BPMN onsite trainings to organizations all over the world. I would say we probably know our business here.

But people kept asking us for an online version, allowing them to learn BPMN where and when they prefer. So we started working on this, and I expect that we can deliver the first chapters within the next months. The training will be based on our handbook Real-Life BPMN, but probably with a stronger focus on process automation. We want to help our attendees to apply BPMN as the common language for business and IT and therefore provide best practice patterns and live demos that you can’t deliver in written form.

We did not yet decide how we will price the training, but if you want to secure a free pass (Yay!) already, then don’t hesitate to participate in this small survey – it’s only 6 questions!

Heads up: The survey only runs until February 28!

Answer 6 questions and get the free pass

We will notify you as soon as the first chapter of the training is available!

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