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New Whitepaper: The Zero-Code BPM Myth

Yay! We had 400+ registrations for our webinar with Sandy Kemsley, covering the “Zero-Code BPM Myth” and comparing that to a developer-friendly BPM approach like camunda BPM delivers.

In case you missed it, there is a recording:

And there is also a whitepaper! Sandy wrote it and I think it is a very fine piece of work.

Get it here:

As Sandy stressed, there is no “one size fits all”, and of course, there is a use case for “Zero-Code BPM” approaches. In the end, we provide certain zero-code BPM features ourselves, e.g. for rapid prototyping.

But the point is: Way too many managers still think they could sucessfully implement their core business (=> unique, complex) process applications with a 100% model driven (aka Zero-Code) approach. And that’s just nonsense, period.

Hopefully. this content helps you convincing those misled sheep in your company who are still dreaming of getting rid of their software developers. You’re a bank? IT is your core competence. Same goes for insurance companies, Telco providers and many other industries.

You may ignore this, but you can’t ignore the competitors who became aware of that fact early enough. Now who would that be? Make an educated guess.

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New Whitepaper: The Zero-Code BPM Myth

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