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Next Generation BPM in California

I am more than happy that Bruce Silver and Nathaniel Palmer, the makers of bpmNEXT, have invited me again to give a presentation. The bpmNEXT is definitely the place to be for both leading analysts and innovative vendors in the global BPM market. And besides that, a great opportunity to meet all those very smart and friendly guys and girls that have made BPM their professional passion.

The title and abstract for my talk this year may be a little bit mysterious:


Let BPMN be everywhere

The potential use cases for BPMN are amazing. However the BPMS vendors are far from harvesting these potentials in terms of concrete features. At the same time we have a global community of highly skilled open source developers. We think it is time to let that force get hold of BPMN, and then see what happens.


But that’s by purpose! Right now, I cannot be any more specific (well, I was when pitching to Bruce and Nathaniel of course), I can just say that it’s a really cool thing we are just kicking off and the secret will be disclosed very soon.

Meanwhile, keep calm and have a look at the recording they took from my talk at bpmNEXT 2013. It was about the core idea behind camunda BPM and a live demo of camunda Cycle. Nothing new if you are already into camunda BPM, but for those of you still needing enlightment, probably helpful. It was actually the first version of the core story that is now implemented as a little cartoon-like product movie.

And of course, register now for bpmNEXT 2014 ! See you there 🙂

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