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camunda @BPMNext 2013

Bruce Silver has created BPMNext, a conference dedicated to BPM enthusiasts from around the globe, who come together and share their visions about upcomding BPM technologies and trends.

You cannot sponsor the conference, but must apply for a speaker slot to get invited. This is why I am particularly delighted to announce that camnuda will also be part of it, so I can present our BPM platform there. I will focus on Business-IT-Alignment with BPMN 2.0, especially on the Roundtripping between different BPMN 2.0 modelers and our execution stack. This is not as fancy as “social BPM” and the like, but a very concrete real-world issue in BPM projects, that is currently extremely neglected by the established BPMS vendors in the market.

Here is the video we sent to Bruce for applying for BPMNext (please switch to 1080p quality). You can get a taste of what I am going to talk about / will provide a live demo about. See you there!

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