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Why “BPM” belongs into the toolbox of every Java developer

Ich @Stuttgart

Ich @Stuttgart

Two weeks ago I gave the first Pecha Kucha of my life at the “20 years of Java” event of the biggest German Java User Group in Stuttgart. I tried to explain in exactly 6:40 why every Java developer should care about BPM (as discipline) and should consider to use Process Engines (as tool) whenever they have some kind of business process / workflow problem. I show how easy it can be added to your Java ecosystem, as we have done it in camunda fox. I now recorded the Pecha Kucha in English to make it available here, enjoy and have fun (and let me know of any feedback you have)! And it is only 6:40 – no excuses 🙂

In summary I can say that Pecha Kucha is really a lot of fun and I really enjoyed doing it. We should have more Pecha Kucha on all conferences!

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