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Business Rules with Drools

Drools Logo We lately did quite some projects with the Business Rules Engine JBoss Drools for our customers. And as I noted in various talks or posts already, I really like Drools as a Rule Engine. For Guvnor as the “BRMS” System covering use cases as rules editing, versioning, release management, testing, searching and so on I am not that convinced of the current solution, basically due to some technical problems and the overall user experience of the UI.

But it is obviously a good step in the right direction. Hence in some projects we developed some own easy user interface for the business people, where in the background we generated the Drools Rules from that input. The Drools infrastructure supports that as well. And in show cases it is always fascinating to people, that you can easily edit rules in Excel Spreadsheets πŸ™‚ In our Activiti+Drools talk in two weeks at the JAX in Mainz we will present a show case using Drools and Activiti combined, a very powerful combination by the way! Reminds me of “the old days” where I talked about jBPM+Drools πŸ™‚

Why am I telling you all this? Actually for two reasons. First: If you haven’t done that yet, have a look at the JBoss Drools project. It is really a valuable addition to a lot of projects and worth investing some time in it. And second: The easiest to get in touch with Drools is to join our brand new Drools training πŸ™‚ We scheduled the next training at May the 25th, see you in Berlin! There we will have a deeper look into the concepts of a rule engine, how Drools works, how can use Drools in Java (so you should know some Java!), how to write Rules and where the nuts and bolts are, how to combine BPMN und Business Rules, how to author and maintain rules and much more. Thrilling content for a two days training πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to it…

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