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camunda @W-Jax 2010: Screencasts & Video

Bernd demonstrating Activiti @W-Jax 2010

Yesterday the W-Jax 2010 conference ended, with approx. 1,000 visitors one of the most successful events about Java in Germany. We had a booth there, and also gave some talks about Activiti and (Agile) BPM we also recored as screencasts. Since they are in German, they are not that interesting for you if do not speak that language ;-( But if you do, please don’t hesitate to watch them below. There is also an interview about BPMN (in German).

Interview zu BPMN

Activiti 5 – Eine Einführung

Direkt zum Foliensatz

Agiles BPM- Ein Widerspruch in sich?

Direkt zum Foliensatz


Direkt zum Foliensatz

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