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Camunda Roadshow – [x] done


This and last week we did a roadshow through 7 German speaking cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munic, Zurich and Vienna). Even if we knew beforehand that there is a lot of interest in Camunda we were surprised by the big amount of people showing up at every single meeting. In total we had more that 550 people in 7 cities! It was an even mixture between business focused roles (like Business Analysts or Project Managers) and technical ones (like Developers). We got a lot of good feedback and so much concrete requests, so I think we will do a …

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Camunda Review 2015


For anyone interested in Camunda, here is my 2015 review.


Our total company revenue grew by 79%.

We have grown our subscription volume (the amount of money we can expect as a recurring revenue) by 87%.

The renewal rate of our existing customers is 100%. Since 2012, when we started our offering, we have not lost a single customer. I cannot believe it will stay like this forever, but right now this means:

They keep using our product and therefore still want the support.
Our customer service is pretty good.

We’re still profitable.


We have almost doubled our customer base and signed up pretty impressive …

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Free DMN Online Simulator


We have created an online simulator that allows you to execute DMN decision tables with exemplary data. it is available here:

What can I do with it?

You can edit the decision table and add, remove or change the rules, as well as add, remove or change the inputs and outputs. You can also upload and execute your local DMN file.

The simulator should help you to

learn DMN in a try-and-error fashion
validate if your DMN table is sound
see what’s possible with DMN (in Camunda)

How does it technically work?

In the frontend, it combines dmn-js with a little bit of custom Javascript. In the …

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New Camunda Modeler already plays in BPMN Champions League

Camunda Modeler

The brand-new Camunda Modeler based on just proved that it can already play in The Champions League of BPMN modeling. What is The Champions League of BPMN modeling? Well there are dozens if not hundreds of tools that can draw BPMN and produce the process diagrams that we have all come to love in the last 13 years. That is not really a challenge in 2015. The Champions League in terms of BPMN is represented by the Model Interchange Working Group (MIWG) at the OMG. It provides a test suite for training the tools and also organizes live demonstrations …

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Camunda BPM 7.4 Roadshow


Berlin 18.01. | Hamburg 19.01. | Düsseldorf 20.01. | Frankfurt (M) 21.01. | München 22.01. | Zürich 26.01. | Wien 27.01.

In Zusammenarbeit mit

Die wichtigsten Neuigkeiten zu Camunda BPM 7.4

Im Januar haben Sie die einmalige Gelegenheit, die neuen Features in Camunda BPM 7.4 direkt live zu erleben. An insgesamt 7 Terminen in Deutschland, der Schweiz und Österreich werden folgende Fragen beantwortet:

Was bietet der neue Camunda Modeler?
Wie können Business Analysten mit DMN ihre Geschäftsregeln abbilden?
Wie können Entwickler mit der neuen DMN-Engine diese Regeln automatisieren?
Welche Praxisprobleme lassen sich mit DMN lösen?

Die Camunda-Gründer Bernd Rücker und Jakob Freund werden persönlich vor Ort sein …

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New BPM Poster available now


Many business processes consist of rule driven decisions, structured workflows and unstructured case handling. By integrating the OMG standards DMN (decisions), BPMN (processes) and CMMN (cases), you can model and automate such business processes in an end-to-end fashion.

The brand-new BPM poster visualizes this concept with a simple yet practical example from the insurance industry: When someone requests a car insurance, the BPMN process is triggered. The first step is a business rule task that should automatically determine whether we can provide that insurance right away (no risks), need to look at the application in detail (yellow risks) or will definetely …

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Why BPMN is not enough


At this year’s BPMCon, some people asked me about CMMN and DMN, and how they are related to BPMN. They were not yet aware that CMMN and DMN are no substitutes for BPMN, but supplements. I have tried to put this in a nutshell here:

BPMN is the right tool if you want to describe business processes that have a certain degree of predictability (or should become more predictable as a result of your process improvement project). If you really know BPMN, you can create process diagrams that are easy to read and directly executable in a BPMN process engine. That …

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New BPMN Plugin for WordPress


Wanna show some BPMN?

Do you run a blog, and would you like to to display BPMN diagrams in your posts?

You could draw those diagrams somewhere, export them as PNG or whatever and insert them in your post. But that is not very handy, especially when the diagrams are a bit bigger and people can’t read them anymore. Zooming and out would be nice.

Thanks to Neville Lugton, there is a solution!

You’re a WordPress User?

If yes, read on. If not, get lost.

Install for WordPress

You can install “ for WordPress” directly from the WordPress Plugin Store. Just search for bpmn, …

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Why DMN is the next big thing and you will be excited


Every 6 months we publish a so-called “minor release” of the Camunda BPM platform. The upcoming release 7.4 is scheduled for 30 November, and it will support the new OMG-standard for decision management, DMN.

DMN is currently our priority 1 topic, for a simple reason: We believe, that DMN will become as important for automating decisions, as BPMN has become for automating processes.

I will briefly explain why we think that and then describe how Camunda will embrace DMN, which will make you very excited

Why DMN is the next big thing – Part 1: The problem

I have been …

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Decision Model and Notation (DMN) – the new Business Rules Standard. An introduction by example.

BPMN and Decision Tables

DMN is a brand new standard of the OMG, it stands for Decision Model and Notation and is clearly related to BPMN and CMMN. DMN defines an XML format and is executable on Decision/Business Rules Engines. It is currently on the home stretch of standardization and camunda will release camunda BPM 7.4 including DMN in November. Over the last months we discussed a lot of Business Rules use cases with clients and sketched solutions in DMN. So high time to give an introduction into DMN and present some learnings we had so far.

The example: Task Assignment/Routing of new claims

The …

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