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Why DMN is the next big thing and you will be excited


Every 6 months we publish a so-called “minor release” of the Camunda BPM platform. The upcoming release 7.4 is scheduled for 30 November, and it will support the new OMG-standard for decision management, DMN.

DMN is currently our priority 1 topic, for a simple reason: We believe, that DMN will become as important for automating decisions, as BPMN has become for automating processes.

I will briefly explain why we think that and then describe how Camunda will embrace DMN, which will make you very excited

Why DMN is the next big thing – Part 1: The problem

I have been …

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Decision Model and Notation (DMN) – the new Business Rules Standard. An introduction by example.

BPMN and Decision Tables

DMN is a brand new standard of the OMG, it stands for Decision Model and Notation and is clearly related to BPMN and CMMN. DMN defines an XML format and is executable on Decision/Business Rules Engines. It is currently on the home stretch of standardization and camunda will release camunda BPM 7.4 including DMN in November. Over the last months we discussed a lot of Business Rules use cases with clients and sketched solutions in DMN. So high time to give an introduction into DMN and present some learnings we had so far.

The example: Task Assignment/Routing of new claims

The …

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Live on YouTube: Demonstration of Model Interchange among BPMN 2.0 Tools

Roundtrip with BPMN 2.0 for Business-IT Alignment

Next Wednesday during the OMG Technical Meeting in Berlin, there will be another live demonstration of BPMN 2.0 tools and their interchange capabilities. The demo is performed by the OMG’s BPMN Model Interchange Working Group (MIWG) and will be streamed live on YouTube on Wednesday the 17th of June at 4:00pm Berlin time. The BPMN MIWG if comprised of BPMN vendors as well as end users and its mission is to improve, test and showcase the import and export capabilities of BPMN 2.0 tools.

Camunda has been contributing to this working group since the very beginning, because BPMN interchange allows users …

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BPMCon 2015 – Frühbucher-Rabatt bis 30.06. sichern


Der neueste Standard der OMG heißt Decision Model and Notation (DMN) und erlaubt eine bessere Umsetzung von Business Rules in Ihren Geschäftsprozessen. Deshalb widmet sich die schönste Konferenz für Business Process Management (BPM) in diesem Jahr dem Thema Entscheidungen: Sie werden erfahren, wie der neue DMN-Standard in der BPM-Praxis angewandt werden kann und welche Vorteile tatsächlich realisierbar sind.

Außerdem wird Zalando in der Keynote aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern und beschreiben, wie das rasante Unternehmenswachstum mit zum Teil radikalen Maßnahmen so gestaltet wird, dass die Agilität nicht verloren geht. Weitere spannende BPM-Praxisberichte kommen von der Australischen Post, der Deutschen Bahn und …

Read More – A noteworthy new blog about BPM


There is a new kid on the block of BPM Blogs: Our tech lead Daniel Meyer started blogging, and since Daniel strives for excellence in anything he does, I would strongly recommend to

subscribe for the feed,
follow him on twitter and
read his latest post about how to express asynchronous service invocations in BPMN.

Disclaimer: No, he did not ask me to promote his new blog. In fact he will probably be mad at me because I did – because now it looks like he *did* ask for it – but I won’t mind

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Camunda BPM 7.3 Release Webinar on June 2nd


Camunda BPM 7.3 will be released on May 31, 2015 (yep, right on schedule!), and it will be jam-packed with outstanding new features.

My personal favorites are:

Process Instance Modification: Flexibly start and stop any step within your process – you can even use it like a Star Trek – style “token transporter” and move your process instance from any current state into another. Check this out and be awestruck!

Super-Flexible Authorizations: Define who is able to do what within Camunda – for example, the members of a group “Marketing” are only allowed to start, see and work on “their” …

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Free: Camunda BPM Online Training

camunda online course

My formidable Co-Founder Bernd Rücker created a self-paced training course for Camunda BPM. It consists of 4.5 hours of video plus a couple of hands-on exercises with sample solutions.

You can complete this course if you want to get your feet wet with Camunda, plus it provides some valuable insights into best practices from our consulting experience, e.g. for creating UI in different technologies, writing unit tests or handling transactions.

And it’s free! You just have to sign up for the Camunda BPM Network, and off you go.

Get the Camunda BPM Online Training

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From Push to Pull – External Tasks in BPMN processes

Push vs. Pull

A process engine typically call services actively (e.g. via Java, REST or SOAP) from within a Service Task. But what if this is not possible because we cannot reach the service? Then we use a pattern we called “External Task” – which I briefly want to describe today.

Picture on the right taken from – thanks!

Context and problem

A couple of recent trends increased the need for this pattern, namely:

Cloud: When running process/orchestration engines in the cloud you might not be able to reach the target service via network connections – and VPNs or Tunneling is always cumbersome. It is …

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Orchestration using BPMN and Microservices – Good or bad Practice?

Orchestration and Microservices

Martin Fowler recommends in his famous Microservices Article: “Smart endpoints and dumb pipes”. He states:

The microservice community favours an alternative approach: smart endpoints and dumb pipes. Applications built from microservices aim to be as decoupled and as cohesive as possible – they own their own domain logic and act more as filters in the classical Unix sense – receiving a request, applying logic as appropriate and producing a response. These are choreographed using simple RESTish protocols rather than complex protocols such as WS-Choreography or BPEL or orchestration by a central tool.

I do not agree! I think even – …

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bpmNEXT – the BPM industry event that *really* matters


Picture taken by Benjamin Notheis from SAP, this year’s winner of the best-in-show-award

Clay Richardson from Forrester Research put it in a nutshell: “bpmNEXT means ‘Show me yours, I’ll show you mine’”.

And show we did: All BPM Software Vendors that *really* matter were there, presenting the latest and greatest they have to offer – or will offer soon. This was not about Sales or Marketing, but just about showing-off the things we’re proud of, and showing it off to peers who understand and appreciate the passion behind it.

But bpmNEXT is even more, it is the global gathering of a …

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